Did You Know about the NHS Continuing Healthcare Fund?

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When it comes to healthcare costs, there are various forms of funding that are available for individuals. However, unfortunately some of these schemes are not as widely publicised as they could be. In fact, there are some funding schemes that the general public know very little about largely because of the cost implications to the government and health service.

One such scheme is the NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding, which is designed to cover the cost of care for those who have complex health as well as social needs. This funding should be available to both residents in nursing homes and to those that receive care at home. However, according to officials many families of individuals in need are not told about this funding because it costs so much for the authorities. Even those who do find out about it and make an application are generally subjected to lengthy delays, rejections and lengthy appeals processes.

As a result of this, there are many elderly people who are forced into selling their homes in order to cover the cost of their own health care. A recent investigation by a major newspaper in the UK revealed that when people did make applications they were taking up to five years to be processed. For most elderly people, this type of delay is simply not viable so they end up having to sell off the home that they worked so hard for over the years. Even once the claim has been processed and approved it can take another few years for the money to come through.

During the appeal process, the NHS should not be charging for healthcare. However it has been found that some local authorities are not completing checks for NHS funding properly in accordance with national guidelines, and instead the elderly patients are being inappropriately assessed. Organisations like Inherit Asset Solutions of advocacy services to help protect individuals even when undergoing appeals.

healthcare fund?

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