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When the relationship between employer and employee is troubled or breaks down, the effect can be demoralising for the individual and may be disruptive for the employer. 

If you need to bring or defend an employment tribunal claim, our employment law experts have considerable experience of representing both employees and employers in the tribunal. our Public Access Barrister have particular expertise in representing employees in tribunal claims, as well as dealing with appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

We have successfully dealt with: 

  • Settlement agreements
  • Contracts of employment, procedures, policies and handbooks
  • Disciplinary and grievance issues
  • Unfair/constructive/wrongful dismissal
  • Redundancy and business reorganisations
  • TUPE transfers
  • Unlawful deductions from wages
  • Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief or age
  • Maternity and paternity rights
  • Equal pay disputes
  • Holiday pay issues
  • Whistle-blower protection
  • Stress, bullying and harassment at work
  • Privacy, data protection and protection of confidential information
  • Collective employment issues, including industrial action, trade union recognition, collective bargaining and protective awards
employment law

About our Employment Law Services

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Unfair Dismissal


An employer accused of dismissing an employee unfairly has to establish a potentially fair reason for dismissal. This could include redundancy, misconduct, capability (i.e. underperformance or absenteeism), law-breaking or other substantial reason.

Once an employer establishes the reason for dismissing the employee, the tribunal decides whether it was fair or unfair, taking into account all of the circumstances.


Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement is one that offers compensation; but it comes at a price: surrendering the right to make a future claim. It’s important to decide whether what’s being offered is a fair exchange for giving up rights to make a claim against an employer.

We’d be happy to give you advice and talk about your rights without you having to commit to anything. In fact, if everything’s fairly straightforward, we’ll aim to make sure there are little or no legal costs for you to pay Solicitors fees.


Have you been treated unfairly because of your age, disability, gender reassignment, marital status, maternity, pregnancy, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation? If so, call us to discuss your personal circumstances. We’ll advise you on what your next steps might be.

We take consultation from a Public Access Barrister which means that there is not extra costs from going through a Solicitor first to find out that you need a Barrister to deal with your case if it becomes complex. 

You also have the choice to pay to get advice from our Barrister in the first instance at a fixed fee to determine the strength of your case prior to proceeding which can save you £1000s in the long run on lengthy battles with your employee or employer.