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Since Medieval times, Trusts have played a pivotal role in relation to tax mitigation. Created for nobility and wealthy landowners, the aim was to help them to avoid having to pay taxes to the Crown.

Over the centuries, various changes have been made to Trusts as well as to the rules that are set in place by the Inland Revenue. You no longer have to be a member of the nobility or a wealthy business person in order to take advantage of the tax benefits that can come from setting up a Trust. Many people now use these Trusts to mitigate taxes that would otherwise have to be paid from the estate in the event of their death.

When it comes to taxes on your estate, there are a number of different ones that could affect you and your loved ones. This includes corporation tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and income tax. By making sure that you speak to experts about tax planning, you can make the most of your money and estate by reducing the amount of tax that is payable to the Inland Revenue. Whatever your circumstances, our experts can provide you with assistance to ensure that you have the right strategy in place to reduce your taxes. We have the expertise and experience to implement effective tax planning and Trusts to enable you to benefit from tax savings.

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