NHS Backlog of claims


According to one legal expert, the NHS now has a huge backlog of claims that are waiting to be processed. This indicates that the waiting times are not going to improve anytime soon. In addition, if the funding is more widely publicised the number of pending claims will continue to rise and this means even lengthier delays. Decisions in relation to eligibility for the funding are meant to be made within one month. However, figures suggest that around ten percent of applications end up waiting for at least three months for a decision. 

Over recent years, complaints regarding this healthcare scheme have rocketed with more and more people voicing their concerns to the ombudsman. Research has shown that the average cost of nursing care now stands at an average of £726 per week, which equates to £37,000 per year. Depending on the area, these costs could be much higher.  We have also helped executors of the deceased to help them recover costs that have been unfairly lost in their role and capacity as an executor.

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